Sunday 15 January 2012

Port Olry Santo Vanuatu

(I have put this blog up in case some travellers are thinking of visiting Santo and want something off the tourist route. I hope you find it as we did!)
Port Olry is on the east coast of Santo about 60 km north of Luganville. There is a small village with a secondary school, health centre, church and store. There are a couple of very basic bungalows  right on the sea shore (John 5368307, brick building, inside kitchen, Sylvana 5435656 leaf bungalow as in photo and another one nearer the village) and a newly opened cafe (ring to make sure they are open - Chrisante 5940038).
It is stunningly beautiful and today I could not stop taking photos. Here are a selection.

Leaf beach bungalow on right

Taken from the leaf bungalow. The cafe in down the beach and the other bungalows are just behind.

It has the pleasant  combination of a fabulous beach, clear blue water, grassy shore grazed by cattle and a village just behind. Often the men sit under the trees and play cards or occasionally mend a net.
(Since this is a village beach - 500 vatu entrance fee - and not a tourist beach please do not wear bikinis and generally women should wear shorts when swimming)

There is lovely snorkelling on the far side of a small island.
So the panorama which is impossible to  really convey in photographs comes next


So off we went snorkelling round the small island on the left and found another world.

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing. We are in our boat, anchored next to Dolphin Island and the reef in your photos. We haven't snorkled it yet, but in our snorkels in Vanuatu so far, I've been very very disappointed. How could a nation like Fiji, just 500 miles east, be so vastly different? There are tons of fish, of all sizes, hard and soft coral there and we never saw one shark or caught one fish for dinner in Vanuatu. Although you have one photo of coral with blue damsels, I hope you saw more fish than were in these shots. Thanks for posting them. Good luck in your future travels (I recommend the Yasawas in Fiji!).